Privacy of FamilyWall

does anyone know how private FamilyWall (Exodus Report) is? A few members of my family use it and asked me to also use it.
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I just started checking their privacy policy and the exodus report for the usual red flags

Lots of permissions, trackers and stuff like this in their privacy policy:

The Personal Information collected may include your name, birth date, address, mobile, phone, or fax number, email address, IP address, account information (such as account and online registration), online activities, and other specific personal information.

(fax number btw, lmao, must be a German team /j)

Family & Co collects some of this Non-Personal Information automatically when you visit the Service (Ad ID, IDFA, Google Advertising ID)

Monitoring and Usage Analysis. Family & Co may transfer aggregated data to third party partner to Monitor the effectiveness of our Service and our marketing campaigns, to Monitor aggregate metrics like total number of visitors, users, traffic, and demographic patterns, to Diagnose or fix technology problems reported by our Users or engineers that are associated with certain IP addresses or User IDs.

Family & Co may also supplement the information it collects with information obtained from other companies.

Basically, it isn’t.