Account Sharing Between Families and Friends?

Hey folks, I just started deleting my old accounts, and removing my data from brokers as per Michael Bazzell’s worksheet.

It got me thinking about the services I frequently use, but using family and friends account? Of course, sharing financial account is not recommended, but how about services such as Uber, Amazon, streaming services? Now, don’t think I’m selfish asshole who only cares about my own privacy. I do share some services with my friends and family. However, most people don’t care about privacy and what happens behind the scenes. So why not obfuscate the data?

I get a chuckle out of it when I see ads on Meta (Yes, I know. Some folks have families overseas) thinking I’m a female boomer who likes luxury bags, trucks, and viagra (I should consult my friend about the latter =)).

Basically, what I’m trying to accomplish is to minimize tracking, and ad personalization which I think is working. But I want to hear your thoughts about this idea if it’s a good or bad and what would you differently.