Privacy Hell When Trying to Get Tax Help

I really need tax help and feel like I am in privacy hell.

Upwork and Fiverr have tax professionals, but there are so many damn ad scripts in the page and I know that even if I block them, they are going to try to sell a shitload of data on the backend.

Even if I try to Opt Out later, as soon as I register they send a ton of data about me to data brokers. It’s an automated process. It’s not like they wait 10 days before selling everything to Facebook.

Every single major big tax professional has recently been caught sending data to Facebook and they probably still send a shitload of things to Twitter and Facebook and “trusted third parties” which is a term that enrages me because it literally means “anyone who will pay us money.”

When I go to other tax websites, they are filled with Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels. I’ve gone to a smaller websites and they lack https certificates and I won’t load them.

The whole thing is making me angrier and angrier, and causing me a ton of stress. I really need tax help without my fucking shit being sold to 150 data brokers.

Does anyone know of anyone reasonably affordable who respects privacy and doesn’t have a ton of analytics on their site? Another problem is many tax professionals use online software that have data analytics embedded into the software itself and it just sells everything to Facebook.

The combination of big tech greed and regular accountant indifference to privacy except for boilerplate bs (“We respect your privacy. Now accept all these cookies.”) is making me angry.

I have so many tax problems that I’d really like to get someone affordable and possibly in a more affordable country and not an expensive US-based accountant that will charge me a lot. Is it just impossible to get this and have privacy?

I am less concerned about Facebook scripts and more concerned about backend data sold once they have established my identity by my paying them.

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Find a local tax guy that also respects his own privacy.

Can use your country’s official site for filing taxes.

I mean it depends how complex your accounts are but its not that difficult to file forms manually.

Recent Survellence Report Q&A had a similar question.

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Ask your parents/old people who does their taxes.

Some lawyers have an accounting undergrad course, ask them for a referral to a privacy respecting accounting service. I’ll bet they’ll be happy to take you in.

Or perhaps accountant lawyers themselves will be happy to take you in, plus they’d be in a sworn capacity to keep your secret. Its gonna cost you a premium though.

FYI, the IRS is coming out with their own free file program. I’m guessing it will at least be somewhat better in terms of data privacy. It’s called Direct File.