Tax Season What Taxes Website or App is Most Privacy Respective. (USA)

Still young so very new to taxes and all. What website/app is the easiest, fastest, and most privacy respecting. Even open source if possible too.

I feel like using the popular ones like turbotax will make their own logs and also sell tax logs to amazon Facebook and all. I don’t know if there’s a law where they can’t but even if there is a law I doubt they respect that.

You can do DIY :man_shrugging:

I’m assuming you’re American (because my understanding is American taxes are among the hardest to file). IRS Direct File looks promising, as it is a pilot of the IRS’s in-house alternative to tax form preparation software. It’s currently only an option if you don’t have self-employment or business income or claim certain tax credits. And it’s currently only available for residents of a dozen states. Additionally, only Arizona, California, Massachusetts and New York currently offer complementing forms for your state (as opposed to your federal) taxes.