Private Payments related: Starting a Corporation for Better Privacy

Small business owners up to the elite all use corporations in order to get better privacy for their financial spending (as well as tax benefits, etc).

It would be great to see a guide for how someone can do this.

This could be an interesting topic, but I wonder if it is too US-centric of a topic? I don’t really know much about how all that stuff works in other countries.

Well one can simply say that in the EU is is very counter intuitive with the requirements for having public year reports, ultimate beneficiaries listings etc. Although payment data is generally better protected in the EU than in Americas this strategy is not working her due to anti terrorism funding and money laundering measures. Any method that would work in the EU is under pressure, in a gray semi legal place that i would discourage you from using/recommending.

The very rich in the EU usually find ways to avoid taxes by moving business and/or themselves outside the EU such as to the Emirates or Monaco. This i would say is very anti democratic and extremely selfish. But its a common way that people seek and find financial privacy in.