Privacy focused front-end for Instagram

Hi…I have deleted my Instagram and FB account long back. I usually don’t even used it to post or comment. My main usage was consuming the content.

Earlier I used Barinsta but even that has stopped working. Now I click on link shared by my friends open it in browser dedicated for Instagram and don’t open anything else on that browser.

Is there any better way to view Instagram post in user friendly and private way? Something like newpipe.

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There used to be bibliogram. The dev stopped working on it due to how much harder meta was making it to actually work. There might be a few instances still but I don’t think feed is a thing, and I think certain types of content like stories don’t work for it. The only one I know of off hand is

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Imgsed seems to work. I can’t find any info about its privacy policy or source code, but regardless, any frontend that doesn’t require logging in is a huge step-up over the Instagram app.