I do not know what to do with social media

I do not know what to do with social media, my problem is that, as a person who believes that privacy is a human right, using privacy focused apps and front-ends seems like what I should do, but I feel because by doing that I am not supporting the creators I watch. Another problem that I have with privacy focused front-ends is that they remove the homepage algorithm and I do not like that, I don’t like to just see trends and people that I am subscribed to. So what options do you think I have?
(Right now I do not have the money to donate to the people that I follow).

Perhaps check out https://bsky.app/ where you have control over the feed algorithm - you can even create your own one(s).
Twitter-like experience but not that big yet. App and algorithm are open source.

  • Use a seperate device for social media apps (or even better use browser only)
  • Alias or nickname on all social media accounts, no legal names
  • Burner phonenumbers and emails for each social media account
  • Blur pics of faces, even better have social media accounts like instagram: no posts, no pics, no profile picture.
  • Don’t use the built in messaging system, use Signal or other apps instead.

If you want recommendations, use youtube.com with a recommended browser but do not login. If you want to still suport creators, there is an extension that uses uBlock Origin but instead of blocking ads, it load them but doesn’t show them to you. It’s called AdNauseam