Improve privacy

Well I wanted to improve my privacy, but I’m not sure what to exactly do on my level need. I don’t have anything to hide (some shady stuff) and I’m living in Poland so I don’t need to fight the government (or so I think). I just want to be more anonymous and private using internet nd my computer so not everyone can see my data or what I do on daily basis. Currently I’m using Debian 12, firefox browser with ublock, proton VPN and email and all my passwords, etc. are stored in bitwarden password manager, I’m using facebook, instagram, tiktok which I know is not good for privacy, but if deleting them is a big difference for man like me I can consider it. Basically I just want to be more private and anonymous in every space of technology and I just don’t know what is the best for me

Also I saw a recommendations for CIS Benchmarks but I couldn’t find anything about it at so it’d be nice if someone who knows something about this would speak up.

I would go through all my accounts and decide what I really need and remove or falsify any data that isn’t necessary on the accounts I’m keeping. You didn’t really give much to go off so I’m not sure exactly what you’re wanting to achieve, but generally less is more with privacy.


Well I don’t have much data about my life on social medias and I don’t post at all, maybe only when some friend have birthday I’ll post then but I don’t post any photos or I don’t make stories where currently I’m on instagram so generally not much. I want what I do on the Internet, on the computer to be anonymous or very private, so that if someone starts digging did not find what or when I did. Security is also another point but I’m clicking any weird shit and I don’t think I would be a target to attack so I think it isn’t necessary to do anything with it.

Also I wanted to minimalize usage of my data while I’m using youtube which I don’t think I can delete or stop using unlike social medias. And thoughts about Netflix etc. are they also non private?

YouTube is usable without an account so that would help. Netflix not only requires an account but also payment so there’s really nothing to be done there.

Yeah okay and what about general tips to be more private and anonymous?

I think a good first step for you would be to have a threat model. This will help you understand who you’re trying to protect against, and that will massively help you understand what tools you need to achieve that.

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That sounds fair, thanks!

Use an alias service, instead of your own email. Try SimpleLogin for instance, considering you are already using Proton. Don’t give your original email to anywhere.

On your social media sites, reject every data collection option, remove your photos and videos. I assume you are keeping social media accounts because they are mandatory for your family, university or friends, and they can live without your beach feet photos.

Use a managed DNS service to tracker domains at DNS level, but if they using scripts then you need uBlock or similar extensions on your browsers.

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Yea thanks a lot. I use facebook mainly for contacting my friends and family besides phone calls because it’s the most popular here in Poland so yea. I will look into dns and simplelogin for sure so thank you for advicing me

For managed DNS check NextDNS and Control D