PokeTube, the privacy-friendly youtube front-end built with the InnerTube API (Docs) that’s packed with some pretty cool stuff including:

  • ZERO ads
  • Lyrics to songs
  • A clean and modern UI
  • A Javascript-free frontend
  • No cookies or data collection
  • And built-in dislike counts Thaks to the Return YouTube Dislike Api

Source code: https://codeberg.org/Ashley/poketube

Tried a couple of music videos and several of them didn’t so not sure how that’s supposed to work.

LibreTube has a clean and modern UI. As does Piped. PokeTube is all over the place and frankly looks as if it was designed by a 12 year old gamer. Same with the user settings and preferences, all spread out with no cohesion.

And as for the UI text:

Nyo connections found on the description ;_; report a issue lol

Top Comments are being randered rn :3 all comments are soon!

Since there already are several good options available, this one gets a hard pass from me.

old man yells at clouds


Yeah no that is not happening, that readme alone is a hot mess. Hilarious but in the wrong way

frontend code isn’t the problem, invidious works best but IP blocks and instance costs are main bottleneck.

Sorry, but that how the developer is.

Anyways, I was just ask by the developer, Ashley, to see if PokeTube can be added here.

Right, I should update this, as Ashley hasn’t actually gotten around to making this work. Although I’ve noticed the code is there, I guess that stuff never got done.

Yeah sorry about the UWU text and all, but I don’t think Ashley will go away from this.

That’s fine, it’s her project, she’s allowed to design it the way she likes. However I dare say that it will turn off a lot of people.

More importantly though is the usability aspect. Fun and creative design is all good and well, but the messy layout, design and language is a real detriment to the ease of use. Good UI design should aim to be as clear and simple to use as possible, so that the product can get on with doing what it’s designed to do.

Best of luck to you.

Well in that case, I might come back with my PokeTube fork which will have a revamped user interface and cleaner code, and the choice of text will be more standard.

Currently, that fork is in early development, so won’t be for a while, but a lot of progress has been made to clean up her awful messy code.

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Now, how do I go about locking a post.

Posts aren’t locked unless the tool gets added to the site, in case something changes in the future. But I’m going to mark this suggestion as rejected for all the reasons @frostlike shared (mainly because we currently recommend 6 different YouTube frontends, all of which are cleaner and more well known) :slight_smile:

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Just got an update that the music features listed will actually be removed from PokeTube and be moved to a new project “PokeMusic”.