PipePipe over NewPipe?


Tried to use Libretube but it just strugles with bad buffering. I set the geo location using the “global” option where my country is listed so I feel like this won’t going to work for me.

I found that there is another project called PipePipe which seems to be a fork of NewPipe and it claims to have additional sources.

Any thoughts on it? NewPipe seems the way to go but want to double check.

BTW, NewPipe announced huge changes to the app, hope they don’t go crazy on it.

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NewPipe is very good :slight_smile:


I just took a quick glance but it appears to be a fork of newpipe rather than a fully separate project.

It adds a couple sources that I am unfamiliar with (BiliBili? NicoNico?)

Also the developer says this about it:

This project is for my personal use. If you open an issue I won’t encounter, most likely I will not make any fixes.

Personally I don’t see a reason to use this (or the other half dozen alternatives on Android over Newpipe which works great for my needs, and seems to be the most mature and reputable youtube frontend for Android. But if PipePipe appeals to you, give it a try let us know how it is.

I am super happy with the combination of Newpipe for Android + Freetube for Desktop. Unfortunatley I’m on the iOS side of the fence now and there is nothing comparable yet, I have hope for Yattee but it has a ways to go.


Geolocation is only for results. Select another instance if you experience buffering problems with one.

NewPipe Legacy will continue to exist IIRC

Well, I think some observations that you made make NewPipe the winner over PipePipe.

I intended to say instance, sorry for the confusion. I selected the first one when I opened the app for the first time which had the flag of my country but it was super buffering.

I just gave a second try to it and selected another instance. It didn’t buffer anymore, however this seems a sign that to use it reliably I need to make sure to be or live in a place with a instance close by, which most likely can change at any given moment.

If I travel overseas and there is no instance, perhaps in South America or Africa, which I didn’t see one instance available, LibreOffice seems that will fall short. Please correct me if I’m analyzing this badly.

I use newpipe x sponsporblock and libretube and constantly switch between them whenever the other stops working again. That works quite okay. Personally i prefer the Libre Tube UI but the newpipe has more logically ordered settings.


I’m under the impression that this is the incovenience that I’ll need to absorb on this transition. I say incovenience because this means complications to keep playlist or saved videos if I need to keep switching between YT front ends

Yeah for me that’s not much of an issue. I don’t save that stuff but i get it if you do. I keep my subscriptions pretty much the same and in and exporting those isn’t hard and it let’s me make a backup of that every time so that’s probably a good habit.

My only issue woth newpipe is the lack of SponsorBlock. Just like ads blocker, its becoming more and more important. Once you get used to it, its hard to remove it.

The instances are community-provided, and are all independent. The reason they often have issues buffering videos is because Google has been actively trying to block Piped and Invidious from accessing YouTube data.

Note that LibreTube uses Piped to preserve your privacy and serve YouTube data.

I like BraveNewPipe is Newpipe with SponsorBlock + search filters also have Rumble and Bitchute supported but I never using it but I use search filters alot.

I have the same problems as you, I used libretube for a long time but lately it has been very bad and piped too, now I am using precisely the one you named “pipepipe” and it doesn’t give me problems, freetube also exists for mobile phones, it works well but I think Remember that you don’t have to skip cuts and change playback speed?