Invidious far more reliable than Piped

Is it only me, or is Invidious far more reliable than Piped?

I constantly experience videos not playing, buffering, etc. with Piped instances, but I have never experienced anything like it with Invidious. Am I the only one?

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I can’t say I’ve had the same experiences. I use piped via freetube and newpipe, and I have no issues with reliability at all.

Previously I used libretube on mobile where I experienced problems with playback and buffering, but having switched to newpipe I’ve had no more issues—rather I’ve experienced notable improvement on mobile.

While I don’t often use invidious, I just thought I’d say how piped has been working for me.

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This is because LibreTube connects to Piped instances and NewPipe doesn’t; it connects directly to YouTube.