Picocrypt / Add rosetta warning for macos

I think it would save people some time to know if recommended software requires rosetta.

picocrypt github.com/hackeralert/picocrypt#macos

Keep in mind that Picocrypt runs through Rosetta 2 and requires OpenGL, and may not work in the future should Apple remove either.

fluent reader
checked v1.1.4

What is the downside of requiring Rosetta?

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Picocrypt only needs Rosetta if you use the binaries that the developer publishes on GitHub. Feel free to compile it yourself however you’d like, or ask someone else to do so for you.

@jonah absolutely no downside! I thought it’d be good to inform non-techy macos users about it + also inform others beforehand - who dont want to install rosetta at all-

@Catering9655 Im a dev myself + have been using picocrypt for 3 years. just meant as a suggestion

Picocrypt is now available for ARM64 macOS:

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