Add Brave Sync

Brave Sync is a feature in the Brave Browser that allows you to sync various browser data across different devices without an account.

I asked a previous question here regarding Brave Sync’s privacy and security. The response was positive and seems to be on good authority:

Based on the sync design and my inspection (2022.10.04) of the source code (primarily the authentication of keyphrase exchange, scrypt stretch and salt transmission, and the client-side AES128-CTR-HMAC encryption), I think there’s good evidence for those claims. :smile:

Although, I’d like a more community-sourced answer for cross-checking. Perhaps we could get a larger set of eyes here to determine if it’s a good fit for Privacy Guides?

I don’t know which category it’d fit. I imagine “File Sharing and Sync”, but it’s a stretch. Regardless, I still think it’s a good idea to at least mention Brave Sync in the Brave sections on the Desktop/Mobile Browsers pages.

This is the only place we’d mention it because it isn’t a separate product.

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I actually believe we should add this. We currently recommend Brave for desktop and Android, making Brave Sync a useful feature even within the context of the website.

What sets it apart from other solutions like Firefox Sync is that it doesn’t require an account, which combined with E2EE makes for a great privacy sync solution.

If anybody has any arguments for why it shouldn’t please let us know!


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PR adding Brave Sync is ready, and should be good to merge.

Edit: this is now merged.


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