Can you add xBrowserSync as recommendation?
xBrowserSync - Browser syncing as it should be: secure, anonymous and free!

I never really got what the purpose of this extension is. Mozilla’s sync is E2EE, and so is Chrome. Both browsers can import/export from each other.


Useful for those who do not want to make an account to use bookmark synchronization and for those who need to sync between multiple browsers constantly.

Additionally it can also be used for browsers that don’t have built in sync (Chromium/Librewolf).

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Just wanted to add that the last update from Xbrowsersync was 3 years ago (9 Apr 2020)
If you really need an extension like this please consider checking out Floccus..
But you can easily import/export bookmarks even without a Mozilla account.

Even their github repo has dropped off. I can’t see any activity there for the developer either.

Based on this I’m going to mark this as rejected, as we don’t add unmaintained projects to the site.

So i finally made an account. I forgot i was looking for a replacement for xbrowsersync but this post has jogged my memory.
The thing is with ff sync or brave is they don’t sync with one another that i’m aware of. I use both. So it would be annoying for me to have to import every update. Or am i missing something?
Floccus im not gonna trust with my free nextcloud provider :person_shrugging:
What solutions do people use?

I use raindrop

You can use Firefox Sync with Librewolf, I do that every day.

and how to sync between Firefox & Brave?

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xBrowserSync for example (the irony)

try EverSync

tx 4 suggestion but thats proprietary.
xbroswersync is opensource.