Opensource end to end encrypted bookmark manager?

Anyone know of any opensource end to end encrypted bookmark managers or link managers? That syncs across multiple devices. I could use note app but I want links to embed or have preview easily so I can see my links also. Something similar to link warden but with end-to-end encryption for all data.

brave and firefox have this build in…


Im using floccus, it has encryption option (which I use)

I’ve set it up with a “custom” webdav in my owncloud ocis and use it both in android and pc.

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Yeh i tried floccus, but don’t trust nextcloud free server or google for all my super secret bookmarks. And don’t know how to self host. So i use xbrowsersync

GitHub - xbrowsersync/app: xBrowserSync browser extensions / mobile app

Yeh but i dont think they can sync each other. Can they?

You do have the encryption passphrase, so the bookmark file will not be unencrypted.
But I do selfhost, so I don’t know if I used it otherwise.

Floccus indeed allow encrypting bookmarks end-to-end when using GDrive or WebDAV. You can vote for it here: Floccus (bookmarks sync) - #3 by AlphaElwedritsch