Link to Picocrypt's Web Interface

There is an official website from the developer with picocrypt functionality to both encrypt and decrypt files. This makes using Picocrypt even more portable.
Here’s the link:
Note that it’s also open-source AFAIK


under “Web”

Picocrypt is a nice project I’ve been using for about a year now. Glad they’ve put on a website to do encryption without an app. But, yeah, I’d rather self host that myself.

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You could just save it as a webpage and it will work offline.

Ctrl + S. Then open the file from your device, you could even disabled network by going into inspect tools.


How come such a really simple post won’t get reviewed even after 3/4 months? The project is already there, we just need to put the online link for it

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I think we weren’t adding it for this reason from their README:

Keep in mind that its functionality is very limited and you won’t be able to use any advanced features or encrypt large files. It is also quite slow compared to the native app.