Opinions on Kolab Now

Today is the first I’ve heard of Kolab Now since it’s being used by the Monero Konferenco organizers.

Has anyone else used it? Do you have opinions on the service?


Supports perfect forward secrecy (PFS)

how? Why Email Isn't the Best Choice for Privacy and Security - Privacy Guides

Kolab Now KB: Do you use Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)? pretty deceiving.

End-to-end encryption available

They can’t claim that when they are not using Web Key Directory standard

Their docs sucks.

(disclaimer, I’m not an expert on emails, someone else could provide more insights)

It does seem there’s an A record for mta-sts.kolabnow.com but no reply. This would mean this provider doesn’t have functioning MTA-STS, unless you are using your own domain with your own records.

Even then though I don’t think they have any ‘zero knowledge’ style of encryption, ie to encrypt incoming mail on receipt. For zero-knowledge encryption you really need to be setting up a mail client with PGP, and so does the other person.

It seems they do not support TLS 1.3.

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