Opinions on 1Blocker for safari

Since PG only recommends Adguard for Safari, I was wondering what do you guys think about 1blocker if only content blockers are enabled ?

Stick to AdGuard. They use commonly available blocklists and their lifetime subscription is way cheaper than 1Blocker’s. The free version of AdGuard also blocks way more than 1Blocker’s free version. AdGuard is cross-platform if that matters to you.

My biggest beef with 1Blocker (at least back when I last tried it on iPad) is that it employs weird blocking categorization in the Safari content blocker settings - the ‘Block Comments’ setting breaks comment sections on sites like ArsTechnica as well as entire libreddit/redlib instances, and whitelisting an affected site doesn’t help because you end up whitelisting everything on said site and letting ads through as well.


‘Block Comments’ setting

It’s enabled by default?

Can’t speak for macOS, but there’s some sort of rule limit per extension on iOS/iPadOS so these content blocker apps use multiple extension slots, usually categorized by type of blocking (General, Social, Security, etc). It’s found in Settings > Safari > Extensions. Not enabled by default but almost every app will direct you to head there and enable the extension toggles manually (or blocking simply won’t work).

Yeah, if it’s not enabled by default, I’m not sure what is the issue with it? The list literally says it’s Block Comments list so of course the comment sections on ArsTechnica will be blocked/hidden?

If users don’t want comments to be blocked, just don’t enable that list?

Back when I was trialing many of the iOS blockers, with AdGuard’s basic filters toggled I could browse Ars, Ycombinator, libreddit and various forums I visit like normal while still having the more intrusive third-party comments plugins like disqus, wordpress and blogspot blocked. With 1Blocker, I’d needed to choose between all or nothing.

Ah ok, I understand now. The issue is you want a sublist that just blocks 3rd-party comments?