Notesnook should not be recommended for moral reasons

I just went through the twitter to add subscription of Notesnook lead developer and I saw this tweets - just after that horrible attack on Israelies. Sorry but this should not be promoted.

Does this affect the privacy, security, and quality of Notesnook? The short answer is no. I see no reason to not recommend Notesnook.


This isn’t even a super controversial take though, it’s not like he’s cheering on Hamas or something. He’s literally just saying stuff in support of Palestinians


Apart from the fact that it is not a technical issue, i dont see whats wrong with his tweets? Palestine is occupied by Israël and he wishes them victory. No mention/support to Hamas or their killing Israeli civilians.

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We are a neutral organization which isn’t going to take sides in ongoing controversies. I understand that strong emotions are at play when it comes to this conflict, but our neutrality and impartiality are critical if we’re striving for our resources to be usable in any context, which we are.