Need help transitioning from iOS to GrapheneOS

I wanna sell my iPhone and get a Pixel with GrapheneOS, but I have some question and I wish I can could get some answers:

How would I go about transferring photos, Passwords along with 2FA codes, calendars, contacts, messages (debating if I really need to, if it’s possible) and e-books.

With photos, I wanna make sure they have all the metadeta they possibly can (location, format, wide, ultrawide camera and with what those pictures taken with.

Note that I do have a backup iPhone XS, but I would like to be able to transfer anything that I can without spending a lot of time adding things manually like passwords, contacts and calendars. Thanks :smiling_face:

You can just export some of these things and then import them into Android applications, for the rest, like photos, you would want to transfer them to your PC and then to your Pixel.

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  • Photos

I used a Synology and synced my photos with their app. You could store them on your PC or use Proton Drive now that it syncs iOS photos. Also Ente Photos, but I don’t have experience with it.

  • Passwords with 2FA codes

Depending on the platform where the codes and passwords are stored, this shouldn’t matter. If they’re not somewhere like Proton Pass, Bitwarden and Ente Auth, then transfer them. This should be easy with an export/import.

  • Calendar

I switched to Proton Calendar and just manually added the events I needed.

  • Contacts

You can export contacts stored in iCloud via a .VCF file. You can then import that into GOS, or what I did was import the iCloud VCF file into Proton Contacts and make any contact changes there, then import that into your GOS. Use Proton Contacts as your “sync” service.

  • Messages

Probably not possible if its iMessage.

  • E-Books

I have no experience with this, but it depends if it’s stored locally or if it’s a platform like Amazon Kindle app.


I did this a few months ago myself.

For photos, I just downloaded them to my PC and now recently have backed them up to proton drive.

For 2FA I had already transferred my TOTP codes into Standard Notes, but if you don’t have a 2FA app that is cross platform you can probably just copy the secret keys into the new app on GOS that you chose to use.

Calendar, is something I dont really use but you should be able to move them into Proton or Tuta calendar and then just load that on the new device.

Contacts, you can export the .vcf file from you contacts app on iOS and just load that into your contacts app on GOS.

Messages, I’m not sure if there is a way to export messages from iMessage to Android.

Ebooks will depend on the platform, I use epubs I download and read them in Lithium with no network access on GOS and that works for me. Since I have all the files downloaded I just transferred them over through Proton Drive and was good to go.

Passwords can be exported from the iCloud keychain into almost any password manager you choose to use.

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Has to be done on macOS but other than that it works pretty good.

I didn’t even register that but you’re right. Here’s a link to a few semi-manual methods to do it in windows, iPadOS or maybe iOS too.

Yeah i’m leaning towards Ente Photos, but €6.99/mo for 200 GB is pretty absurd compared to the €2.99/mo I pay for iCloud that includes more than photo syncing, but I guess that’s the price you pay outside the big players. Hopefully they can drop down the price at some point.

I use Apple Passwords but it’s no biggie exporting them like the comments under this post suggested since I have an old iMac.

Very nice, thank you.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting to be able to do that, i’ll live with it.

Was able to scrape up all my .pub files so all good.


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