Switching from IOS to GrapheneOS

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I am looking to take the plunge and switch from my iphone to a google pixel with grapheneos, I was wondering If need to take any precautions or make preparations for this. I also have a question regarding

Without being too open:

  1. I am on Verizon, but I am part of a shared plan with multiple devices. I do not know how me not owning/paying for the carrier complicates things.
  2. I heard from somewhere that you shouldn’t buy the pixel from a carrier store since they may lock certain settings that make installing Graphene harder. Is this true or have I sorely misinterpreted something?
  3. Should I transfer my data from my iphone to pixel before or after I install grapheneos? In case I can’t, I already have been doing backups for awhile,

I’ll edit this post or reply with more questions. Hopefully this will also serve as a resource for anyone also considering to switch to graphene from ios.

This is true, as explained on the GrapheneOS web install page:

To make sure that the device can be unlocked to install GrapheneOS, avoid carrier variants of the devices. […] The carrier id activates carrier-specific configuration in the stock OS including disabling carrier and bootloader unlocking. The carrier may be able to remotely disable this, but their support staff may not be aware and they probably won’t do it. Get a carrier agnostic device to avoid the risk and potential hassle.

Well, it’s best to transfer your data after you install GrapheneOS because the install process, as shown in the previously linked page, will wipe all existing data on the device.


Thanks. So I’d be fine in that department if I bought my pixel from a non-carrier store like Target or Best Buy right?

The important part is not the store from which you’re buying the Pixel, but that you’re buying a device that’s clearly designated as “Carrier: Unlocked” (this is how it’s presented on the Best Buy website, for example).

FYI, if you have any more GrapheneOS-specific questions, there’s an official forum that contains a wealth of information.

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