My 2 cents on VPNs (Proton, Mullvad, IVPN, Windscribe)

Hi there. I encourage everyone to look a bit more at Windscribe.

I used to use IVPN but it was barely usable since it was blacklisted on too many services (my company website, my school, Spotify, Reddit, Ticketmaster and Moreover, it did not work well with Netflix, nor does Mullvad. Moreover, it may not be very important but IVPN and Mullvad have small networks. I don’t want to use Proton because the account creation is less anonymous and I don’t like the UI and the features.

Windscribe works well with Netflix, it has a large network, R.O.B.E.R.T. looks great, has port forwarding, WireGuard, OpenVPN, STealth, Ikev2 and another protocol to circumvent censorship. Very important : they not only offer app split-tunneling on Android, macOS, Windows and Linux, but also split tunnelling for domains and IPs ! They also have MAC Address Spoofing on macOS and WIndows !!
And proxy server for devices that don’t support vpns (TVs).
And custom DNS support !!
And their browser extension seems to be able to do so much :scream: I had never considered a VPN browser extension until Windscribe

Moreover, they seem to be quite good at censorship circumvention
and a fun design and marketing.

Finally found a VPN that suits my need :)))

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There’s already a discussion about Windscribe here Opinions on Windscribe VPN?

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Could you expand on this? What do you like about the browser extension.

I made heavy use of the Mullvad Extension (like you that was my first time even considering using a browser extension with a VPN, but the proxy capability was really useful. I am currently testing windscribe, and I’d like to recreate the setup I had with Mullvad, but I haven’t got around to exploring Windscribe’s Browser extension yet. I’d be interested to learn abut the features you like about it.

This is usually just the result of being a smaller VPN provider. You don’t need a massive server network if you don’t have as many users as larger VPN providers. Anyway, my experience with Mullvad has always been excellent and I have never really had any problems with slow speeds.

Windscribe’s client is excellent, open source and works with other VPN providers besides them, they really did an amazing job there. Definitely underrated.

As far as providers go though, it’s difficult for me to recommend Windscribe, mainly due to their incident a couple years ago with their servers in Ukraine being seized while being unencrypted. (Source)

On one hand, I’m glad they were transparent about it, but that’s a pretty gigantic fuck up, hard for me to look past. I just don’t see any reason to use them as a provider when there’s better options like Mullvad, Proton, and IVPN, which can be used with their client anyways, so you get the best of both worlds.

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Doesn’t look like Windscribe offers a private payment method.

They accept Monero, doesn’t get more private than that.



Monero isn’t shown as a payment option at

Bitcoin, 4 credit cards, and Paymentwall are the accepted options.

This is how normies pay for stuff, it makes sense to put most used payment methods on that page. If they would put all of them there, it would be ugly and take a lot space.

PG suggests gift cards and prepaid cards are the most private, can’t you use those?

Also, out of curiosity, isn’t Proton and others in the same boat?

In my experience (US), you can’t use prepaid cards online unless you register them first.

For Spotify they will block you to login but not listen to music and you just have to login every few weeks. It will accept login only if you reset your passwords.

For Reddit, you can use Redlib (

Mullvad does own VPN servers in Europe and those are less subject to captcha blocks.

Not very secured

I do agree that Windscribe is great for some use cases, especially when you use a PC where you can’t install a VPN app but can install an extension. Also they use residential server which will less likely be blocked.

For censorship circumvention, Mullvad is the best. Period. But Windscribe might be enough if your government censorship effort aren’t too developed.