Opinions on Windscribe VPN?

Hey dear community!

Any opinions about Windscribe VPN and how they handle things?
We would be thankful for any input!

I personally don’t want to use a VPN in NA.

Makes sense, thank you for the answer, @InconspicuousEntity !

We did away with the “eyes” nonsense some time ago, because it’s only one treaty of many. Many countries also do invasive surveillance nowadays. It’s also not 2012 anymore.

We’re waiting for their write-up Add Windscribe by dngray · Pull Request #1312 · privacyguides/privacyguides.org · GitHub

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It was actually based on more lengthy discussions with other people that were in other threads, and in Matrix, additionally there is constructive reasoning provided behind these scribbles as you put it.

Awesome, this discussion and vetting was exactly what we were looking for.
I should have checked Github as well for issues.

Thank you again for the great input, Daniel!