Mullvad VPN package repos for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora

At the time of this post, the download page linked in this blog post (and in Private VPN Service Recommendations and Comparison, No Sponsors or Ads - Privacy Guides) does not showcase these repos and still highlights the .deb and .rpm files. I reached out to Mullvad support about this and they said that a change to the download page for Linux is forthcoming:

Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to finally have our own
repository. There are indeed plans to update the Downloads page with
this as well. I think we will wait a while to collect feedback and to
decide the look of it.


It looks like the new repos can be found here for the time being. This is honestly great news.


Mullvad has now changed the download page for their Linux GUI app to prioritize the use of the aforementioned repos, though you might have to scroll down a bit on the page.

Great news.

Still nothing for opensuse… you have to manually rebuild the rpm yourself after editing the file. It’s not too hard but makes me wonder why they can’t do something if it’s so simple.

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I hoped they could work on flatpak more ,it would make their maintenance task easier. But linux support doesn’t seem to be on priority right now.
I have tried using wireguard package directly but its lot more inconvenient with tunnel switching and configuration.
Support flatpak · Issue #524 · mullvad/mullvadvpn-app · GitHub.