Why is openSUSE recommended by Privacy Guides?

I understand PG’s choice for openSUSE as a transactional update system that uses btrfs and snapper, microcode update, mac address randomization, system counting but the problem of opensuse is compatibilite with VPN services.

For example, on the Mullvad website has “works on Ubuntu 20.04+, Debian 10+ or Works on Fedora 35+”, I don’t see openSUSE. Same for ProtonVPN did not list openSUSE. I’m just curious to know. It’s possible there are things I don’t know

If I recall correctly, Opensuse’s package manager Zypper uses RPM packages. So in most cases anything that you can install on Fedora/redhat will work on OpenSuse. Just assume it will a bit little less tested.

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Yes that is correct!