Does ProtonVPN work on the latest LinuxMint?

I had a problem installing it, and support said they couldn’t help me, because it wasn’t Debian or Ubuntu, themselves.

Using the gui now on xfce lm. Had issues with the cli recently. Stopped working :person_shrugging:

Could you describe your problem? And what method you were using to try to install it?


This sort of issue (something not working exactly the same on a derivative as it does upstream, and support being unable or unwilling to help because its not a supported distro or not a distro they are knowledgeable about) is why I continue to recommend Ubuntu or Fedora over its derivatives for newer users (I’m not saying you are necessarily a newer user, just thinking out loud). There is value to staying ‘on the beaten path’ (easier to avoid problems, and easier to find solutions when you do encounter problems).