Mullvad Browser - online payment or logging with anonymous account

Mullvad Browser is often recommended for general browsing, where you don’t log into accounts. But I’m not sure I fully grasp the risk of this if website data and cookies are properly isolated. In particular, what is the risk if the account is not tied to your identity (like, you sign up with a random email and/or username not tied to your name)? And what if you don’t log in but make a purchase (that will be tied to your identity because it will be real credit/debit card info, including your name)?
Happy to get more info on this.

I assume you would need to use the “new identity” feature as well mask your IP and region between your two examples.

It’s just that every time you log in the site knows you’re the same person, which defeats the ephemeral nature of browsing in tor browser. But if you don’t mind that then it’s fine. Also banks and things might flag your account if you access them over tor so just something to keep in mind.

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I wonder what is the basis for the idea that logging in to any page with Mullvad Browser with real or fake credentials is objectionable. Also, where is this argument written? It is recommended to use Mullvad Browser in conjunction with VPN, but it should be noted that this does not provide anonymity to the users. Sometimes we want to use servers or services that know our identity and we can use VPN to access the content of other regions and to mask our activity from adversaries who are just monitoring the network. Why do this with other browsers when we can do it with Mullvad Browser?

I simply look at the described use cases in the discussions and it seems like hardened FF is recommended for websites that you log into, while MB is recommended for general, not logged in browsing. So I just wonder what makes it bad if you do log in or if you use personal information for online payments.

There is a statement in that link, but I understand it to be about being online between sessions, i.e. whether you want to go through the hassle of filling in credentials and being online every time. MB, as you know, is designed to always browse privately.

Sure, but that doesn’t quite explain the recommendation by PG to use FF+Arkenfox for logged in sites and MB for others…