Log into the account on Tor Browser

Using Tor Browser or Mullvad Browser to log into my accounts affect my privacy?

I often see statements like “you shouldn’t log into accounts using Tor Browser,” and I want to know why?

If I use Tor Browser without installing any plugins, set security level to “Safer,” and do not resize the window, theoretically, my fingerprint and those of other Tor Browser users on the same system are the same.

In theory, even if I log into my account, I cannot be tracked down as a specific user. So why would this compromise my privacy?

I don’t want websites to know my time zone, HTML5 Canvas, screen size, etc., when I log into my account, so I want to use Tor / Mullvad to log in.

From a privacy perspective, should I do this?

It is reasonable for accounts that have only ever been used via the Tor browser. Just be aware this will make you “pseudonymous” because you will be identified between sessions that you log into.

Any other accounts can and likely will be associated with previously collected browser fingerprints and IP addresses, which will reveal that it’s you again, just using Tor this time.

Same especially applies if your account has PII (personally identifiable information) in the first place. They will know who you are, and that you are using Tor.

For example: when I was ignorant, I once logged into my university website using Tor Browser thinking I would be ~extra private~. I got an email later warning me that using Tor to access school resources was against the policy and told to stop. They knew who I was (my name, email, and everything else) because I signed in, and that I was using Tor. That defeats the purpose if it. Does that make sense?

This statement contradicts itself. When you log into an account, you are immediately tracked down as that specific user. That’s what it means to log in.


If I just don’t want websites to know some of my personal information, such as screen size, time zone, IP address, HTML5 Canvas, and other information that can be used to identify me elsewhere, and my account uses a unique email and password that cannot be linked to my other accounts or real identity, is it reasonable for me to log in to my account through Tor to gain more privacy?

Sure but like they said, it still means they can identify you as the same user between sessions. So as long as you’re ok with giving that up for that specific site then go for it.

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