Is my browsing anonymous enough?

I’m using Mullvad Browser with default settings and Mullvad VPN at the same time. Is this good enough?

I read somewhere that this is realistically just as effective as Tor.

Is there a way to check how anonymous my browsing is?

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To stop the websites you’re visiting from tracking you, probably yes. You’re probably not protected against people who are monitoring the network connection in between (like governments, Mullvad, etc.). So, it depends on who you are worried about.

Anonymous is not the same as browsing privately. PG mentions this on top of the browser recommendation page.

If you need to browse the internet anonymously, you should use Tor instead. We make some configuration recommendations on this page, but all browsers other than Tor Browser will be traceable by somebody in some manner or another

Fingerprinting is different thing where websites try to track your browser between sessions.
You can check fingerprinting test for your browser here - >
But the results from these tests, cannot be taken as absolute conclusions about how well your browser will protect you from fingerprinting.
Fingerprinting and measures to prevent is a topic which can be researched and discussed in much more detail refer Browser fingerprinting/tracking overview

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How would that be? From what I understand even Tor is like a VPN just with 3 hops. How come the government can still keep track of my web activity?

refer How Do VPNs Protect Your Privacy? Our VPN Overview - Privacy Guides

Just don’t login into any account + only use mullvad leta

do you login to your gmail with ur vpn? Yes? Almost all sites use google pixels to track you. That’s a way to track you. On tor you won’t login or even if you do each site has a different exit node.