Masking name of debit card, etc. Paying with anonymity/privacy

How to mask your name on a debit card/online purchase? Here are my study notes & possible sites that might be able to do this, i dont know.

What sites do this as a service?
and what do u think of the ones below? (i’m not sure) (not sure)

www. abine. com (not sure, now its called ironvest. com)

Then there are sites that you can pay in crypto for debit cards or for cash, what do you think of these sites?

1.) Is Hydra marketplace still open?

2.) www. allark. io

3.) www.

4.) paywithmoon. com

-----And yes i know i could get a friend or homeless person to buy me a prepaid debit card, or get one myself. I’m talking about doing it via computer/online.



I tried signing up for Privacy[.]com before, but the mistake I made was signing up behind a VPN (I was using Mullvad, if you’re wondering).

Also, at the time I had a bank debit card but had no credit history.

So, between those two, I was asked by Privacy[.]com to verify my identity by e-mailing a photocopy of my ID, or something like that - which is a big no-no from people like Michael Bazzell.

I’ll probably delete my flagged account and try again later - at some point.


I never really wanted to try MySudo, because about 1-1.5 years ago, I got the impression that it only works on “stock” Android with system-level permission Google Play Services.

However, it looks like someone got MySudo working on GrapheneOS in November 2022 - take what you will from someone who hasn’t used MySudo.

So, MySudo may be perfectly fine on GrapheneOS now (either with or without sandboxed Google Play Services).


I can’t speak much to anything else that was posted.

(Also, YMMV and your experience might be very different from mine.)


@ ConsecutiveSpectacles

Thanks! Cant work on desktop without need for an app?

I think credit cards actually just let you type in whatever name you want when you make a purchase.

Really? Interesting