What are the least revealing ways to use a credit card, without incurring large fees?

Let’s say you get a credit card under an alias name from a credit union - how do you then use it? Privacy.com won’t accept it as a funding source, while MySudo has a 2.9%+$0.35 fee. I thought I might have found a good pre-loadable debit card for masking, but it can’t be loaded from a credit card.

If your identity is protected on the bank side already, I’d say by using Apple or Google pay with an alias Apple/Google ID. Then at least all the merchants see is a token representing your card but no real info.

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Why are you being prevented from using your Credit Union debit card? Is it due to using an alias and failing KYC?

Have you thought through the importance of using an Alias instead of connecting Privacy.com directly to your bank account or the main debit card? The main purpose of Privacy.com is in giving a small layer of privacy/confidentiality to your transactions. I’m not sure if using an alias to fund your Privacy.com account would add much value, it seems a bit redundant, but maybe there are factors I am not fully seeing or appreciating.

I think either (1) using Privacy.com tied directly to your Credit Union bank account or debit card, or (2) using the alias card in combination with Apple Pay if you have an iPhone could be reasonable solutions if what you seek is a modest layer of financial privacy. If you seek something closer to anonymity I think Privacy.com is not really intended for that or well suited for that purpose.

When you say alias is this just when individuals add an alternate name to their credit card(s) or is obtaining a CC in another name (SSN?) as a cardholder?