Has anyone here used virtual cards like with privacy.com?

I signed up for it after seeing some people in privacy minded communities recommend it. But I’ve noticed that purchases I made with it are mentioned in my bank account details, listing the website and the amount spent. Is it not supposed to do this, or are cards like this only supposed to hide your details from the vendor sites? But I’m not sure if it even does that.


If you go to Account > Discreet Merchants you should be able to set how it shows up to your bank.

And as far as hiding your details, that’s on you. You can enter literally any name and address and the payment will go through assuming the site doesn’t have a general pre-paid cards block.

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Note that this feature is only available on their paid plans.

You might find the following article in the Knowledge Base useful for answering your question: Private Payments - Privacy Guides


Privacy.com works differently depending on if you use a free or paid plan:

Free plan = Enhanced privacy (and security) with respect to the merchant
Paid plan = Enhanced privacy (and security) with respect to the merchant AND enhanced privacy with respect to your bank.

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Ah apologies, I thought the free plan had 1 option available.

I personally use ironvest, I am pretty satisfied.

The rate for the stuff they provide is nice. + privacy com is feels mainstream lol. Also privacy com has unnecessary KYC stuff that I didn’t like.

There is cloaked app or summ but I haven’t checked them out yet.

You can always go deep via cake mastercard funded with btc.

Ironvest feels a bit sketchy. I used abine blur back when I started caring about privacy but left before ironvest bought them.

This person on LTT forums has a pretty good breakdown of why.

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thanks for the link, will read it soon.

Why is mainstream necessarily bad?

It’s just me tbh, bad habit I guess.

I think in my head it goes something like this - mainstream means it has critical mass which can attract bad actors that can influence the company’s policies against data and such.

But prob it’s just me being emotional.