found out about Ironvest (formerly Abine) and was wondering why there weren’t any discussions about this service here. they have a generous free plan with email aliases, and also have masked cards and phone numbers. could be a decent service to be recommended ig unless I am missing out something.

It was discussed before

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Bank-grade security.



When was paying to a news agency to review your product with the worst kind of metrics muh PrOs and ConS called “Experts”.

yeah I did see it but felt it was just regarding virtual cards but I thought my post could be used to judge their overall service including the masked emails and phone numbers? reading the LTT link too the only problem I saw was about the biometric data being held for quite a long time other than that I couldn’t understand much of it. the audit missing does seem a severe point but I thought people over here at PG could look into it since people here seem more knowledgeable about pros and cons of a service w.r.t privacy and security overall.

the use of bank grade security and experts like PC world and techradar did seem funny but I think it’s mostly for marketing and advertising so can be ignored if the service seems solid but yeah does come off a bit misleading.

IronVest is not open source. It is a proprietary software. Proprietary = we can’t check code or selfhost = we must believe in words = no trust