Magic Wormhole update worth checking?

So magic wormhole (GitHub - magic-wormhole/magic-wormhole: get things from one computer to another, safely) just had a new release like a week ago, although the one before was like 2 3 years ago (unlike Croc but the issue with SIEC being an option remains; at least it is not the default now). I want to put it in the radar again of people knowledgeable in this area to figure if it is worth adding again to PG. I know that as minimum requirement needed is to have clients in the 3 PC OS (not sure if command line counts). I have seen some new apps that uses wormhole as the method of transferring the files, on Linux Wrap just popped up on Flathub and on F-droid wormhole William (now on v1 with 1 day from release). I know that these projects are quite new. Thank you all for reading have a nice day.