Koofr (Cloud Storage)

I think adding Koofr, support open source client-side encryption Safe Box / Vault and work with rclone

it seems indeed to have client side encryption on the Vault option. Have you tested this yet?

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tested so far so good

google drive, one drive, dropbox supported “vault” for “encryption data”
if cloud storage provider not support a opensource “vault” or third party application direct access data like rclone people want move to other platform difficult.

non-opensource “vault” future may get issue but now not many people care

It’s a fully compatible implementation of rsync. You can even generate your own keys locally instead of in the browser.

Koofr isnt encrypted entirely, so it isnt fully safe.
Its locations are in germany for data so even more concerning.

Would beware.

Koofr now enables client-side encryption at https://vault.koofr.net/

It is fully rclone compliant, so you can use your own private key.

The implementation is also open source:


Does Koofr allow sharing encrypted vaults with other Koofr users or via public link? Both Proton drive and Tresorit (not open-source) support it.

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No, because, unlike those other services, your password is not the vault key. Koofr requires that you first login to Koofr, and then unlock your vault with a key.

From a privacy/security perspective this is a moot point, perhaps even a net positive, but I understand the question from a functional perspective.

one more point for add koofr ?


definitely curious and will try them. been looking for good services like filen

I’m happy with Filen , but for anyone who is looking into this service, I know there is a lifetime Koofr deal on StackSocial might want to check it out if you’re testing the service and like it…


Koofr doesnt accept simplelogin aliases for account creation

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Just tried with Skiff aliases. Worked well


the SimpleLogin ones generated through Proton Pass ended up also working. Still, its off-putting to see services that use privacy as a selling point engaging in such practices

I tried Koofr yesterday… I am really surprised. It works with rclone natively, they contribute to rclone development for seamless integration. It is real alternative to Cryptomator!?

Let me explain. I use rclone to backup various files to various cloud services. Rclone support encryption, so it encrypts them and you can not access files at cloud without decryption. You do not need to download data to decrypt, just mount encrypted folder and that’s it. It is OK, if you do not need to see files at the cloud itself.

And now Koofr. It has Vault or Safe Box, not sure why two names. If you Rclone files with encryption to that folder, you will see usual obfuscated names and you need Rclone crypt mount it etc… No! You may just enter the password you used in an app or on a website and you see your files now! So you do not need a device with rclone configuration, just a password. That is a whole another level!

The downside is I found it slower, than other services. Big files syncing won’t be fast. Another good thing it supports webdav, but I did not used it, still good. If you compare Koofr with Skiff or Filen they just suck, no rclone, no webdav, only app or web, so no automation at all, useless.

Their privacy looks decent and the service itself is not 1 year old, but 10!


They’ve just released an open beta for the Android APP… Any thoughts?


Haven’t looked at this yet, do they have any public audits?

I don’t see any of them.

I don’t see any or I am unable to find it.
And I have a doubt, I know I can create encrypted vaults (they give you even the rclone conf file entry, really great) but I don’t understand very well what happen with the files OUT of the vaults…

And looks like you can not create encrypted vaults inside “gdrive”, “onedrive”, etc, which would have been great…