Koofr (Cloud Storage)

I think adding Koofr, support open source client-side encryption Safe Box / Vault and work with rclone

it seems indeed to have client side encryption on the Vault option. Have you tested this yet?

tested so far so good

google drive, one drive, dropbox supported “vault” for “encryption data”
if cloud storage provider not support a opensource “vault” or third party application direct access data like rclone people want move to other platform difficult.

non-opensource “vault” future may get issue but now not many people care

It’s a fully compatible implementation of rsync. You can even generate your own keys locally instead of in the browser.

Koofr isnt encrypted entirely, so it isnt fully safe.
Its locations are in germany for data so even more concerning.

Would beware.

Koofr now enables client-side encryption at https://vault.koofr.net/

It is fully rclone compliant, so you can use your own private key.

The implementation is also open source:

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Does Koofr allow sharing encrypted vaults with other Koofr users or via public link? Both Proton drive and Tresorit (not open-source) support it.

No, because, unlike those other services, your password is not the vault key. Koofr requires that you first login to Koofr, and then unlock your vault with a key.

From a privacy/security perspective this is a moot point, perhaps even a net positive, but I understand the question from a functional perspective.

one more point for add koofr ?