[recommendation] [encryption] rclone crypt as an alternative to cryptomator

link, the benefit of this is that you dont need other software to mount cloud storages, it supports a lot of protocols/cloud storages and can mount it as a local network folder, with the option of using crypt to transparently decrypt/encrypt uploaded files.

theres unofficial gui’s for it as well, but unlike cryptomator it has a mature cli interface which makes it useful on devices without an interface. Cryptomator’s cli hasn’t been maintained in 2 years and is still in an “early stage”.

if recommending rclone, a couple good gui’s/interfaces for it are:

  1. the official webgui
    using the command: rclone rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-addr <ip>:5572 --rc-user <user_name> --rc-pass <password>

  2. rclone tray

  3. rclone browser

the last 2 haven’t been maintained in a while, though they still work and as long as the rclone binary installed on your system is up to date it should be fine to use.

Discussion here: Add Rclone

+1. Restic (an excellent backup tool) also uses Rclone as a backend option for cloud backups.