JShelter (Firefox Extension)

This tool has been brought up in another discussion already (As I am considered a new user, I cannot put a link to it at the moment)

While Arkenfox’s user.js can be very good for technical people, some people just don’t have the time or the capacity to configure firefox beyond the settings menu. For these people, I would recommend the fsf endorsed JShelter firefox addon. An anti-malware, anti-fingerprinting addon, that borrows many features from Brave’s built-in anti-fingerprinting protections

How does it work?
Like a firewall that controls network connections, JShelter controls the APIs provided by the browser, restricting the data that they gather and send out to websites. JShelter adds a safety layer that allows the user to choose if a certain action should be forbidden on a site, or if it should be allowed with restrictions, such as reducing the precision of geolocation to the city area. This layer can also aid as a countermeasure against attacks targeting the browser, operating system or hardware.

Should I install JShelter if I am using Brave browser?
Many JShelter protections come from Brave. While JShelter offers some additional protections, the key parts are shared with Brave.

Source: JShelter: Frequently Asked Questions

Should be of note that while it offers anti-fingerprinting protections, it does not protect the user’s IP Adress. For that kind of protection one should still consider using Tor Browser

Here’s the link to the discussion in question: CanvasBlocker (Firefox Extension) - #4 by privacyguides_users

I tried JShelter for a period a year or two back and while it did defeat CreepJS fingerprinting like nothing else it also noticeably impacted performance. Now and then I’d encounter a page that would cause my computer’s fans to spin up and totally tank Firefox.

Have you been using it? Have you encountered performance issues? Perhaps they’ve been fixed in the interim.

Jshelter Link
also It seems Jshelter exists in Chrome, too.

Recommend reading Recommend JShelter extension · Issue #1388 · arkenfox/user.js · GitHub

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I’ve used it. Haven’t noticed any performance impact, my hardware is a ‘gaming’ laptop with 16gb of RAM and an i7 HQ 7700 (I don’t know if this is powerful, probably not by today’s standards)