CanvasBlocker (Firefox Extension)

Per 4.1 Extensions · arkenfox/user.js Wiki · GitHub, I think we should recommend CanvasBlocker for people who use Firefox without RFP enabled.

It is Mozilla Recommended and also (obviously) recommended by the Arkenfox project which we trust as a Firefox expert source.

Sure, we should follow the Arkenfox wiki.

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The more complex question is what settings to use with CanvasBlocker. There are a ton, they can be quite overwhelming and confusing, and even the ArkenFox recommendations leave some ambiguity.


Voted, im using firefox without RFP with canvas blocker + JShelter with Privacy-Handbuch config over one years

In that regard you should probably recommend Skip Redirect too ?

Personally I tested 4-5 hours many combinations from different fingerprint-test sites. When I check the result I see that resist-fingerprint option of Firefox does not work well for below list:

  • Audio API
  • DOMRect API
  • TextMetrics API

Therefore I enabled resist-fingerprint but I also use only CanvasBlocker extension and I have only enabled above list. (For example the “Canvas API” protection of CanvasBlocker is disabled).

Why we don’t recommend this type of solution too.

What are the use cases for not having RPF? You can set a per site exemption for the canvas right?

It’s more usability-related:

Okay read through this. Tbh i think for the average reader this is waay too complex of a topic. We recommend arkenfox only for advanced users, I assume they can read the wiki here too. Not sure if its fit for recommending on PG. Users who struggle with all this probably are better of using Brave.


This is for people who don’t use Arkenfox and don’t use RFP.

In addition to these, since last year RFP caps the browser’s frame rate to 60fps, which is extremely jarring on any high refresh rate devices or displays.

I was getting by with the time zone issues and occasional breakage, but the 60fps cap is what finally turned me off of RFP for good.

I am fully aware. I just think this add-on will be too complex for those users too. Like @mika mentioned its not so straightforward how to use it. I feel that if this is at all a concern to those users they might be better of using a different browser. If it’s not convenient we scare people away.

Perhaps I’m in some tiny niche, but I use CanvasBlocker and would appreciate some researched guidance on how to best configure it.


is this question not relevant ?