Is the soul browser private and secure?

I found this browser and it’s extremely customizable and has many great features. Does anyone if it’s a safe browser to use and if it’s good for privacy?


I think your best choice might read their privacy policy. I’ve never heard about it, but it’s most likely another chromium based browser.

Check their site, read their privacy policy and see if it fits your threat model.

The privacy policy looks okay, but the browser itself has so many features that it looks almost too good to be true. That’s why I want to be a bit cautious and find out if anyone knows more about this browser and if it’s safe.

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There is zero reason to use a proprietary, ad/tracker ridden, WebView browser.

Go pick something decent: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile


I also noticed that it contains three trackers, but it’s capabilities are simply amazing.

Also, their privacy policy says that if you turn on the built-in ad blocker they don’t show you any ads or track you.

stick to what privacy guides recommends

theres a lot of snakes in the grass/bad actors.

If you’re running the stock OS then Soul Browser just uses the Google Chrome WebView under the hood with all that Google telemetry too!

If you’re on an aftermarket OS you’re likely running plain Chromium WebView but many systems do not keep it updated very well:

I’m using Graphene OS

So why take all the good of Vanadium and cover it in trash?

The question is how much trash it really is? Especially considering the capabilities I get with soul.

the answer to your question (in title) seems to be no, but it seems like you kind of just want to use it regardless. can’t/won’t stop you…maybe use it in its own profile on gOS.

what features are so interesting to you?

Would you mind listing those out? The only stand-out features seem like a torrent/video downloader and a custom video player. All of that can be better achieved with separate apps (and without having your data harvested!).

Maybe you can use Vivaldi instead? Since you prefer customizatio.

The ability to easily download ANY video or picture and to be able to go back and forth between pages or close the browser without refreshing with the site. Those are the main features I like

Use Vanadium.

Vanadium doesn’t even block ads and trackers

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Use AdGuard, ControlD or NextDNS. NextDNS is your best choice for blocking ads. (Best for DNS-based ad-blocking btw)

It has a monthly limit

Good luck with making more than 300.000 queries per month in Vanadium.

It’s not that much, every website makes like 50 different queries