Is moving .cache folder in a Linux system from an SSD to a HDD (so future cached files can be securely erased more easily) any better?

I thought this would be relevant in this forum, so I’d like to ask this question.

I know securely erasing anything from SSDs is much more complicated, and usually comes with the downside of shortening it’s lifespan if using tools like shred, though not by a significant ammount with current SSDs.
On HDDs however, it’s much easier to securely erase data afaik , so I thought linking the .cache folder to an encrypted HDD could make securely erasing future cached files a lot easier. Is this a bad idea for any reason?

Notes: SSD is also encrypted, but it’s also where the operating system is installed, so formating it wouldn’t be a good option in this scenario.
Current threat model isn’t strict, but I think it could be worth the effort to do this due to stuff like file browsers thumbnails being stored inside .cache