What Brand External Hard Drive for Security and Safety?

My SanDisk 2TB is running out of space. I’m barely getting into data retention. What’s a quality external (non SSD) brand of hard drive? Anything I should know?

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External hard drives are generally not good quality. But these might be changing with external SSD drives.

What matters is your drive is encrypted if you plan to put sensitive data there. There are recommended tools for using full disk encryption. For windows, veracrypt may be best. For Linux LUKS is a good way to encrypt the entire drive.

One other thing that I should caution you is that putting a single copy of data on an external drive is asking for trouble because the ideal way to store data is 3-2-1 method (unless of course this is the 3rd copy that is off site).

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Thanks. I do try to practice 3-2-1, but my internal hard drive can’t hold it all, so I keep the stuff I use more frequently on my laptop, backup everything to an external SSD right now, and back up all the drives contents to the cloud. It’s all manual now. At some point I’ll build a NAS and try to automate with Next cloud or something.

I’ve just read that SSD have shorter life span than HDD.

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Im not so sure anymore.

IIRC ServeTheHome published an article/video that says large capacity SSDs may actually have longer relative lifespan/capacity given that SSDs degrade only on write but not read. Meanwhile HDDs degrade over time on both write and read.






Wow. Thanks.