Spare internal SSD - repurposing and encryption

Planning to upgrade my internal SSD (One M.2) soon. Wondering whether this can be repurposed in some way. . . . Also, currently using Bitlocker for disk encryption. Should I be disabling/decrypting the old disk before removing it? If somehow repurposed for external use, should I then encrypting with Veracrypt instead? Anything else I ought to be thinking about?

As per usual, that depends on your threat model and what you’re gonna do with it

For example, I really don’t care if somebody finds my Minecraft World, but if I store passwords on a drive I will want to encrypt it.

Get an extermal ssd enclosure, wipe it, and encrypt it (even bitlocker is fine)

try to get a usb 3 10gbps enclosure if you do

not because speed matters but because most of the 5gbps ones are old chipsets that don’t support functions like trim which is important for ssd lifespan

it is also possible to flash the jms578 with firmware that does support trim, but it is a tedious process


Thank you, this was the advice I needed, @KDEBacon and @SkewedZeppelin.

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