Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve been using privacy-invading products like those made by Google, Microsoft, and Discord since I was basically a fetus. Despite my efforts to protect my privacy, it feels like a waste of time because they still have my data. I know you can delete your data or account, but I’m not sure if that actually happens.

I enjoy reading about privacy, but I never take action because it seems pointless. My current threat model prioritizes anonymity and security over privacy at this point. For example, if I switch to Linux, it’s more for a change than for privacy reasons. This applies to any privacy-respecting service I might consider.

I disable privacy-invading features because it’s the lesser of two evils. One option invades my privacy, while the other invades it less while still invading it. I uncheck these options because it seems like common sense and sounds objectively better to any human, even though I don’t really care if my privacy is still compromised.

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Being conscious of privacy and security is not a bad thing. Knowing there are other alternatives instead of relying solely on big tech is also not a bad thing.
Being aware that big tech companies abuse your personal data for their interests is a good thing too. You can take steps to eliminate this.

Personally I like reading and learning about privacy/security in general.
But I don’t let it overtake me, as I know I’m not that interesting. I’m not a journalist or live in dangerous situations.

I like to tinker and try out new software or policies. Just have fun with it.
If it’s not for you, then I don’t think it’s worth it as you mentioned. At the end of the day, you still use proprietary smart devices that are out of your control.


Nice take on this :+1: Yeah, to be fair, I can just do whatever I want, it doesn’t really matter, I just wanted to hear what you guys thought about this.

I’d just like to add the following, more philosophical approach.

I don’t so much think of myself in the pursuit of privacy but more of a duty to others.
For lack of a better word, the globalists, the satanists - whatever, have always been here, and have always desired to do weird shit. I don’t even blame evil, it is the ying and yang thing.
What I do blame, is the liability of normies to let it happen. If a force isn’t checked by an opposite and greater force, then it will gain momentum. There are some of us, who are a checking force, that is what I meant by duty. If the best I can do is add a seemingly small checking force, then that’s what I’ll do because that’s all I can do. Create friction for their march because normies won’t.
It can be better summed by quoting - Thomas Jefferson.
“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”
“The nature of the world is for government to grow and liberty to yield.”


The most recent data is the most valuable. Once data is old, its not that useful.

Hobbies change, addresses change, personalities can change, location trends change, friends change, etc.

Privacy invading companies want the most recent data about you (often they want real-time data).

Another alternative is to use “data poisoning” to make the existing profile inaccurate.


Yeah, like I kinda implied this point. If I start caring about my privacy, probably the companies that still have my data won’t care anymore and it won’t really matter. I’m still going to be using Google services because I’m going to make YouTube videos and we’ll you need an account to do that, I will still try to minimize the potential privacy invasion but idk.

Look, the way i see it is, if ‘they’ want to get you they will. But it doesn’t mean you don’t try and make it harder for them. At least that’s my way. As i learn my new hobby ‘privacy’ i know there’s tonnes of things im not doing that Im not aware of. But that’s ok. My threat model is average human being so the way i see it, doing something is better than doing nothing.
Having a password manager and email aliases is better than not having it.
Like I’ve said before on this forum.
Be happy and enjoy what you can.
We will all fail sooner or later or an update that blows our work away.
So i say keep at it. At your own pace. You don’t need to be a nazi 100% compliant with what PG’s says or other resources say.
Just keep learning