In the context of privacy.. What is the meaning of life?

I started my usage of tools, platform, internet by giving them full access and having best possible experience and ease of usage.

Over the time ads popped up so started using ad blockers… Started rooting my phone in name of customization and freedom to tweak…

Finally 2-3 years back I got into a phase of degoggling my phone… Didnt achieve much but atleast moved away from standard google services like Gmail, Keep, Google drive etc… But still using Google photos (face grouping is important for me), Google Maps, and still on Stock android (no bloat wares)

Well I feel as if I am missing few things in life that technology is already offering but I kind of avoid using them in the name of privacy… Things like virtual assistant on phone or at home, Smart IOT based devices like lights or plugs, Smart watch.

This feeling of FOMO makes me wonder is it really so worth it? Should I give up and move to apple eco system and make myself believe that I am secure and then may start using all that I am missing.

My threat model is low. I may just want to protect myself against mass surveillance.


I like to tinker (and self host services) I dont really have FOMO from gadgets, what I have FOMO for is the discussion that I miss from not using social media.

Its been a few years since I have switched. I miss my in the flesh friends, sort of, but not really.


While I do understand FOMO, smart assistant aren’t that useful. At best you’re saving few seconds (if the voice assistant doesn’t mess up on listening to what you said) at a massive privacy watch.

And as for smart watches, when the device update lifespan is still lower than my cheapo casio watch battery, it’s just not worth it. But if you really want it. Finding one compatible with gadgetbridge and keeping it offline would be a decent compromise I guess Gadgetbridge | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

There’s also different kind of social media. It’s hard to delete messaging apps for example, but you really lose nothing (socially) by deleting something like tiktok/instagram, shit there are mostly rose filtered fakes anyway


You could still have this with home assistance + zipbee devices.

Or wifi devices on a local network that is blocked from the internet.

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I am using smart band, though. And it’s Xiaomi Band 7 at that :joy:

I have to admit that their products are very good overall. I had used Band 3 before, and it’s still working fine. But for some reason, both Band 3 and 7 only let me choose China as the band region. Otherwise, the app and the band wouldn’t pair together.

I think I will have to look for an open-source smart band soon (if there’s any).

There is pine time but its nowhere near as nice as i want it to be. Its a fun little open source toy that can show time and do other nifty things.

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This is the way. “Smart home” stuff seems cool but anyone more advanced than tech enthusiasts knows that shit’s scarily bad when it comes to security and should be kept as far from the internet as humanly possible.

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just use gadgetbridge instead of the manufacturer’s app

works great with gadgetbridge!