Is it possible to create a disposable Apple ID with pseudonym?

I’m curious as to whether it’s possible to use the phone number for a service like “” to create an Apple ID under a pseudonym I intend to use this account only to install apps from the App Store and not to utilize any other services, such as iMessage.

Although I don’t currently have an iPhone, I will keep any of the responses in this thread in mind if I do in the future.

I tried today, with vpn on, it said try again later, then i tried vpn off and same thing.
Using a legit second number. :person_shrugging: lets hope someone knows how to do it. :crossed_fingers:

you don’t require to give a phone number to create a Apple id , just use the itunes app (on windows/mac) to sign up for new apple id just by using an alias email id.

But i am not sure the purpose of creating apple id if not using any apple products.

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From experience: yes.

Just tried on windows and it did ask for a phone number. What country did u do it from?