How do i create an anonymous brand instagram account, not linked to real ID?

How can I create an anonymous Instagram page for my Brand (artist/health) where I can share controversial and personal stuff without it being linked to my real account or name? Is there any way around having to use a number linked to my ID, since my country (EU) requires identification for pre-paid SIMS ? Is there another solution for getting a virtual phone number that is anonymously ? i’ve looked at different things like silent_link but would preferably hear other suggestions from you!


Not gonna lie, it sounds like you want help setting up a profile to link pseudo-science nonsense that you’re worried about people connecting to you? If you’re so worried about it maybe not post it.

If you’re not worried about it, then what’s the problem associating that with your identity?

These things may work, for the time being, though I wouldn’t be surprised if social networks don’t start cracking down on virtual numbers.

It’s one of the reasons why bot-farms generally get real SIMs.

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Meta has tightly controlled influencing options especially from brands after 2020 and Kanye debacle.

They wouldn’t let you create an account with a VoIP number, let alone a brand influence channel.

Also, the creation of the channel is not your hurdle. Even if you somehow trick Meta’s security measures to get a brand channel, you will be audited and contacted by an employee at Meta (an actual human) about your brand channel and they will help you set up your channel (as well as audit your details), you are gonna have to provide a lot mote details than just your phone number. I am talking about Government issued ID’s, current residential address and more.

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You got some good points there, thank you!