youtube asks for phone number?

I want to create a business youtube account to use for a new youtube channel but it asks for phone number. Where I live phone numbers are tied to ID so that would be a privacy violation. How do I create a youtube business account for my channel without a phone number?

Do you want a temporary one, just for the verification code?

For a temporary one :

I’ve tested them before, and it’s really cheap, not even a dollar! (At least on my currency)

i’m not sure if the phone number it asks is temporary or not but with this website the payment information will identify me?

You can pay with Monero and more cryptocurrencies. I’m not sure about the other options though.

Where do i get monero? never used it before and I don’t know if buying it is restricted because there are no atms to buy it and my region has lots of censorship

The recommended option of ‘how to buy Monero?’ is :

It’s a KYC-free platform.

the gift cards seem to be the only option for me since buying them with the other options would be bad for my privacy because there is heavy censorship where i live. Do they accept all gift cards and how do they make sure that scams don’t happen like redeeming the code and not sending the money?

I don’t know, sorry.

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Just a friendly reminder, there isnt’ anonymity when it comes to creating businesses. You can legally hide behind an LLC but the government will still need to know the beneficiary of the LLC.

You will owe your government taxes and they will try to find and catch you if you get big enough and dont pay.

I suggest not to weasel your way out of it to avoid legal trouble in the future (registering in your name). They can lawfully ask youtube to take down your channel for unlawful activity anyway.

Right (good) and wrong (evil) is in a different axis from what is legal/lawful. It set in stone by the government in your jurisdiction and you do not have a say in it and compliance is required.

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