iOS VS Android Privacy & Security W/ Closed Source Apps

Hi, between iOS & Android (Specifically “U.S. consumer” Android, ex: stock Pixel & Samsung Galaxy) which platform is considered to provide better privacy & security if closed source software & games are going to be downloaded from each platform’s App Store?

By “privacy & security” I mean proper measures to prevent third-party closed source apps from gaining access to sensitive “system-level” privileges & data.

Neither OS can probably be perfect on this front, regardless I’d like to know which OS is the “lesser of two evils” if third-party closed source software is going to be used.

One factor that comes to mind here is that iOS seems to have some kind of “app sandbox” in order to attempt to compartmentalize apps from each other (Security of runtime process in iOS and iPadOS - Apple Support), does Android have similar measures?

Also the rigor/standards the App Store & Google Play Store each have is probably a factor here as well

oh boy.

Well, I’m reminded of these recent threads:

Android does have a sandbox. I believe it’s probably a bit stronger, but others can chime in on how stronger and why. I imagine the addition of user profiles and a work profile as well as apps being isolated.

tldr: For stock? The one you personally like the most. At some risk, I’ll state I’m of the mindset to not introduce an extra vendor when it’s not needed. If I had to run a stock mobile OS it would either be an iPhone 15 for USB-C or a stock Pixel. I would not consider a 3rd party Android device and introduce another link in the chain. My concerns might be unfounded, but just giving an opinion. :slight_smile:

The only big difference is control and freedom. If Apple decides to remove an app from the App Store than you can say bye bye to it or if they make an update that you absolutely hate you can’t do anything about it. Apple has full control of their devices, and they only give a small amount of control to their users.

You should just get whichever device you prefer. Personally, I would never give my money to such an anti consumer corporation like Apple. So I would prefer to buy a Pixel.

You also have user profiles on Android. They’re the closest thing to using a different device without using a different device. You could compartmentalize your apps in different user profiles, etc.