How to become member of developers / post in Project Showcase


I’ve tried for a long time to become member of the developers group, but received no response at all.

Can’t reapply either, because I’ve already applied…

Am I doing something wrong?



I dont know, have you contributed code, content or a pull request?

You are on this Github but we do not grant you the rank of developer.

Nope, no contributions here - sorry, but it seems the “Project Showcase” category requires membership in the developers group? I just want to be able to showcase my project - or isn’t that possible? See GitHub - xecrets/xecrets-file-cli: Xecrets File Cli - A feature-rich cross platform AxCrypt-compatible file encryption command line toolbox using a fork of original AxCrypt for cryptography. Xecrets File Ez,, is an easy to use graphical frontend for Windows, Linux and macOS using it. .

Afaik that role is reserved for developers of listed software.
You can use tool suggestions instead but please disclose any affiliates

Seems to be a bit of confusion…

Reading About the Project Showcase category it seems to be the other way around, at least according to that post. It says explicitly “This is a place for devs to post their new/unreviewed projects”. And “This category is the only section in which you as a developer are allowed to promote your own projects”.

The way I read it is that if I’m a developer of a software that’s not ( yet :wink: ) recommended by Privacy Guides, “Project Showcase” is the only appropriate place, and that requires membership in the developers group… So, it makes no sense to require membership in developers if that group is only for recommended developers, if the group is the only place to showcase software that’s not recommended!

Or am I completely misreading this?

Nah, you’re reading it correctly.

My guess is that the team are just to busy, and your invite request fell through the cracks – system or memory – and got lost.