How to backup settings of applications on Windows 10?

I am trying to reinstall the official version of Windows 10 instead of Spectre’s edition i installed earlier but i have many applications i have installed with many configs and data that i want to backup before installing Windows but i don’t know how to do that, Could you help me please?

For config: depends on the application unfortunately, and frequently isn’t easily doable, so there’s no real one-size fits all answer. Try searching (the web) + checking the settings/preferences of each application to see if they have options for exporting your settings.

For example: I am using LibreWolf and i couldn’t find any way to backup history or settings, Only bookmarks, This is shit.

Isn’t it usually in %AppData% or Program Data?

As for Librewolf and other Firefox based browsers you can go to about:profiles and it will show you where exactly your profiles are located. There’s even a button to open it in your file manager.

E: Side note, might be best to ask this on a Windows related forum, this is not related to privacy or security.


I am asking these kind of “questions” cause if i asked in any Windows forum, I would get answers far away from the privacy prespective.